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This is me 🙂

Hi, Friends!

First thanks for exploring my blog!

My name is Anand. I am a learner and Certified Digital Marketing Practitioner.

The Internet simply inspired me to redefine me. I had a quite deep interest in traditional marketing and learned a lot about marketing concepts and activities. When I started practicing Digital Marketing, many times I tried to create a  successful fusion of traditional and digital & the experience was awesome.

I don’t get frightened by the emerging pace of new technologies. My formula is simple which saves me from nervousness.  I don’t go after the technologies. I simply a student of my customer’s behavior. For me, it is not important what technology can do. The idea which keeps me enlightened that how my customers using or going to use the technology to solve their problems. Here I try to add value and trade their attention. 🙂

Brand building is another subject which interests me a lot. I have firm believe that building a great brand is the most sustainable model of business. I get frustrated when I hear many of my tribe equate branding with visibility and logo. My favorite writer Marty Neumeier explains that Logo is not a brand, the brand is a gut feeling of customers or potential customers. The brand is not what we feel, it is what they feel.

So for me, brand building is a much deeper thing than just designing identities and making those identities visible everywhere.

I still consider myself a novice in this transformation. The Internet is my teacher. I learned many things by the people whom actually I don’t know. So, the purpose of this blog is to help marketers like me with the idea and information which I keep learning from various sources.

Before taking the formal education in Marketing Management, I have learned history and Indian culture. The understanding of humanities subjects like history, political science and philosophy help me to develop my cognitive and critical thinking. It helps me a lot to understand technologies and human relation as well as the purpose of business.

My thought is “Help the world and the world will help you back”.

You can reach me at E-mail: [email protected] or Call: +91-9953420996


Twitter: @Anandwell