Google Adwords: An Easy to Understand Beginners Guide To PPC Marketing

google adwords guide

Google Adwords is almost 15 years old platform and still growing. PPC (Pay-per-click) marketing was the biggest disruptor since TVC commercial. It simply gave “Intent Based” advertising solution to businesses.

Let’s say someone searching for “Digital Marketing Course” in Google Search. Google will come up with some paid and organic results. If you are into “Digital Marketing Training” business then you target those type terms and shown up to highly interested users.

If we simplify it then you can run highly focused and sales driven marketing campaign on Google search and display network through Google Adwords.

Nothing can beat the “INTENT BASED SEGMENTATION” in marketing and Google offer you to convert her traffic into your customers.

Google Adwords is not the static platform, it is evolving and widening its reach. Now it is giving solutions for various type of advertisement needs.

  1. Search Engine Ads
  2. Call Only Ads on Mobile Device
  3. Display Network Banner Ads
  4. True View Video Ads
  5. Universal App Install Ads

Google offers a huge number of targeting options and multiple bidding types opportunities. If you are marketing professional then having knowledge of PPC marketing through Google AdWords can give you

If you are marketing professional then having knowledge of PPC marketing through Google AdWords can give you the great boost in your career. Doyle Digital has come up with very concise and effective Beginners Guide to Google Adwords.

Learn and Rock  🙂




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