[Video] 10 Modern Realities Every Marketing Professionals Need to Understand

Today’s customers reject that authority, and at the same time require a measure of control over the products they love. They no longer buy brands. They join brands.

Brand building is not same now, like earlier when you simply spray TV ads and pray for results. In Marty Neumeier’s Book The Brand Flip, he has listed 10 new realities and he suggests, for sustaining your brand in the digital age you require to understand and adopt these in your businesses.

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I am Passionate "Digital Marketing practitioner". I have the fair amount of experience in the traditional way of marketing & Brand building too.

Since 5 years I am self-learning this tech-based online marketing practice and ideas.

The purpose of this blog to share and receive the information and ideas to my community.

Prior to take formal education in Marketing Management. I studied History and Indian culture.

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