Tips for Creating The Perfect Post On Social Media [ Infographic ]

We are living in the age of the social web, almost half of the total web traffic are social traffic. Hence you don’t actually need justification that why you adopt best practices for social media post.

For getting best reach and engagement from your post, You should be perfect in adopting best practices while putting up new posts. You have to care about Text lengths, Image, hashtags etc.

Though there are not any written rules that you have to put your post in such a way but there is some tried and tested formulas or you can say best practices, you can adopt for best results.

Here NickLeffer put it all together in a single infographic.

For more detail see this post –> How To Create Perfect Posts On Social Platforms [ INFOGRAPHIC ]



I am Passionate "Digital Marketing practitioner". I have the fair amount of experience in the traditional way of marketing & Brand building too.

Since 5 years I am self-learning this tech-based online marketing practice and ideas.

The purpose of this blog to share and receive the information and ideas to my community.

Prior to take formal education in Marketing Management. I studied History and Indian culture.


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